Information and publicity are the integral part of each project financed by the aid, which help to raise the awarness and transparency of the project.

In case of the plans co-funded by EEA Financial Mechanism, the actions are twofold: information and publicity with regard to National Contact Point and to individual projects. The following description contains the information about the project promotion plac proposed by Gmina Kłodzko.


The aims and the groups to which the information and publicity is directed:


The main aim of the actions connected with the publicity of the project will be informing the defined group of recipients about:

- the rules of functioning of EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

- the subject of the project

- justification of the project

- the sources of the funding

- the benefits resulting from the project

The information and publicity financed by EEA will be directed to the following groups of recipients mainly:

- the society of Gmina Kłodzko

- primary schools

- pupils and their parents


The methods and the aims of its implementation


The advertisement and commemorative boards - at the beginning of realising the project (2nd quarter of 2014) the advertisement boards which contain the information about the subject of the Project, the sources of its funding and the amount of donation will be prepared. These boards will be fixed at the thermally modernised buildings. In the course of 3 months after the end of the project realisation, the boards will be permanently replaced by the commemorative boards. They will be made and fixed according to the rules which are on the Financial Mechanism Office website and in Appendix A.

Posters - made to inform public opinion about the role of Financial Mechanism in the support of the project. These posters will be permanently fixed in public place on the site of the modernised buildings. They will also be displayed on the information board in the building of Gmina Kłodzko.

The information materials - before and after the realisation of the project the information materials (leaflets) will be prepared. These materials will contain the information about the source of the funding, the aim of the project and the benefits of its realisation. In order to reach greater number of audience, the information in the leaflets will be published online on Gmina Klodzko webpage

Information events - the crucial element in realisation of the project promotion plan will be the organisation of the meetings for the recipients of promoting actions. The main aim of these initiatives will be to communicate the information regarding the project.

Each time the organisers will inform EEA Office about the events in advance so as to make their coming possible, if it is considered necessary. The applicant plans to conduct an information campaign regarding the project during the meetings in rural areas organised in the first and the second quarter of 2015 in 35 villages. Thanks to these meetings the applicant will reach wide audience in Gmina Kłodzko. There will be also organised a conference for the pupils of the schools in whuch the project will be realised - the conference will aim at popularising energy saving. The conference will be organised by the employee (responsible for environmental protection) of Gmina Klodzko. The applicant plans to organise 3 press conferences (at the beginning of the project realisation, in the middle and after the realisation) - information regarding the project, its funding and aims will be published in local press.

Each time the organisers will inform EEA Office about the events in advance so as to make arrival of the Office possible, if it is considered necessary.

Regarding the subject of the project ther are plans to launch a website. The results of progressing work and additional information will be published there.


Responsibility for its implementation


A project manager, assigned by the applicant, will be responsible for ongoing monitoring of the project, coordination of work of a team and preparing partial reports on the investment. What is more, the tasks regarding the project promotion will be assigned to him.

In each report handed by the project manager there will be a clause about the progress of promoting actions. If it is necessary to undertake the corrective measurement, the Monitoring Committee will present proper suggestions and ask the project manager to implement them.