Welcome to the website of the project titled "Thermal modernisation of public buildings in Gmina Kłodzko - stage I"

The main aim of the project is the improvement of energy efficiency in the following public buildings in Gmina Kłodzko: the building of the Primary School in Ołdrzychowice Kłodzkie and the building of the Primary School in Krosnowice.

The project is co-funded by EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. EEA Financial Mechanism origins from Norway, Iceland and Liechtestein, members of EEA and EFTA (European Free Trade Association). With the help of the EEA funds as well as Norwegian funds, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to decrease social and economic inequalities and to strengthen mutual relations with the beneficiaries in Europe. These three countries closely cooperate with European Union on basis of the EEA Agreement. During 2009-2014 the funds of EEA and Norway amount 1,79 billion Euro. Norway provides approximately 97% of the whole funding. The funds are available for non-governmental organisations, research institutions and higher schools, public and private sector in 12 newly approved members of European Union and in Greece, Portugal and Spain. The investments may be implemented to 2016 and their range involves widely-assumed cooperation with the funding countries. The most important branches of support are: environmental protection, climate changes, researches and scholarships, civil society, healthcare and support for the children, sex equality, justice and cultural heritage.